Urban Gateways 2015 Gala Video

Last year, I produced two videos for Urban Gateways. One was a slide show promoting their mission. The other, a broad video to help them raise money at their annual gala event.

We decided to work together on another video this year, but instead of a broad overview of the program and benefits, Urban Gateways decided to dive deep into a small group that experienced massive change because of the programs organized and funded by Urban Gateways.

We visited EPIC Academy on the South Side of Chicago and interviewed the Four Layer Players, a group of students that have come together to form a drumline. Taught by Mike Riendeau and lead by Jawon Mayberry, who recruited many of the older FLP members, this group's musical capability is quite impressive. What's more impressive is the academic focus fostered by the group as a result of their musical endeavors. All of them are planning to go to college and many of them are applying to schools known for high academic standards and exclusivity. If I had been in high school with this group of people, I would be intimidated by the one-two of their musical prowess and intelligence. These kids are smart and good at what they do. I hope they have the opportunity to get far in life and put their smarts to good use.