The Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel at Bryce Canyon

A Hungry Fellow

My wife and I decided to visit some of the national parks in southern Utah last month. On our longest hike in the bowl of Bryce Canyon we decided to stop for lunch. As we were eating, this little guy approached us, circling around the edge of our little circle. 

At first he tried to get a peek into our backpacks, but we shooed him off. It's against park policy to feed the animals lest they become dependent on humans for food. Eventually, he decided to circle around and surprise us from behind. He slowly approached me and tried to get at the sandwich in my hand, so I stood up and turned around to watch him on the log.

He was a hopeful fellow, and I was able to take several photos with my camera as he moved along the log waiting for me to drop a scrap of food for him. Finally, he posed as above in one final plea for food. I never gave him the food he wanted, but I'm sure he's suckered a few meals out of other park visitors.