The Commute Home

Heading home after a long day's work.

Heading home after a long day's work.

This is a very busy week for me. I have two large editing projects due in the next week and I am working eight-hour days filling in for a production coordinator until Friday. That means I have long days in the office followed by long days behind the editing desk at home.

I took this shot while riding on the bus home with an Olympus PEN E-P2 on a 17mm lens (~30mm equiv). The PEN is my wife's camera, though it was mine before I bought a 5Dmk3 for photo and video work. While the 5D is a great DSLR, it's not a great everyday camera. I can either carry my camera bag, which doesn't have space for my laptop, or I can put the 5D in my regular bag, where it takes up over half the space. The size and weight limitations of the 5D have encouraged me to start looking for an every-day camera.

While the PEN is a decent camera, I miss having a viewfinder, and the video options are not as strong as they are on newer cameras. It would be nice to replace the PEN with something like a Fuji X100s or a similar camera.