Snowfall in Chicago 2 January 2014

A bike in the snow

Chicago has been hit with snow for the past three days. I ventured out and took some photos of the 10 inches that fell on our area.

Generally unplowed, the Alleys are only disturbed by the tracks of cars as they attempt to free themselves

The Sidewalks were barely visible, even though they had been shoveled multiple times

This rooftop is home to a dog on warmer days, but his hut is almost buried by the snow. I hope he's warm and inside.

The streets appear clear, but they are still covered in slippery slush despite the constant plowing

A woman check her phone in the Southport Station warming box as the snow falls

Commuters trudge through the snow near ravenswood, forging their own path when shoveling is neglected.

The Metra overpass focuses the wind, creating delicate snowdrift ranges

A Scotty braves shoulder-height snow